A Simple Key For service Unveiled

at an individual's service, willing to be of support or use to an individual; at 1's disposal: You should have an English-Talking guide at your service.

purpose, operate, operate, operate, go - execute as envisioned when utilized; "The washing equipment will not likely go unless It is really plugged in"; "Does this outdated car continue to run nicely?"; "This old radio will not function any longer"

employment in or general performance of work for anotherhe has become inside the service of our organization for 10 many years

navy pressure, army group, navy device, drive - a device that is an element of some military services service; "he despatched Caesar a force of 6 thousand Males"

In the provision they manufactured for me, it was my very good hap to become place to nurse, since they call it, to a lady who was without a doubt bad but were in far better instances, and who got somewhat livelihood by taking for instance I was designed to be, and maintaining them with all necessaries, till they have been at a particular age, by which it might be supposed they could go to service or get their own bread.

squash rackets, squash racquets, squash - a sport performed within an enclosed courtroom by two or 4 gamers who strike the ball with long-taken care of rackets

service - the act of providing a writ or summons on an individual; "he approved service on the subpoena"

c. The technique or gear used to deliver something to the public: The electrical service was harmed from the storm.

the business contains a popularity once and for all service → la empresa tiene fama de dar un buen servicio (a los clientes)

the effectiveness of obligations or maybe the duties carried out as or by a waiter or servant; occupation or employment for a waiter or servant.

service - get the job done finished by a person man or woman or group that Advantages One more; "spending budget separately for goods and services"

8. (Industrial Relations & HR Phrases) employment in or overall performance of work for another: he is inside the service of our agency for 10 several years.

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armed forces, armed services, army, armed service equipment, war equipment - the armed service forces of the nation; "their armed forces is the biggest within the area"; "the navy equipment is the same a single we faced in 1991 but now it's weaker"

Like several service for hire, it is extremely essential for your traffickers to supply a reliable service, felony as it can be.

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